Name: Nya
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years Old
Location: Los Angeles Area

I am adopted. Woohoo!!

Hi and hello, my name is Nya! And I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just gonna go ahead and roll over while we chat—in today’s tough world, a girl always has to be prepared, and I am always prepared for a belly rub!

My puppies were hours old when Beagle Freedom Project rescued all six of us. I’d just given birth in the back office of a shelter when they took us in, transported us to safety, and fed me the most delicious food I’d ever eaten (and oh, how I love my food!)! We’re safe, now, and loved, and my puppies (Potato, Panda, Raven, Wishbone, Star) are growing fast! They’ll be on their own soon, and when they are, you better believe I’ll have my sights set on you!

I love my people. I love walks, and they tell me my leash manners are great! I’m potty trained and, aside from treats, my favorite thing in the whole world is when my favorite humans come walking through the door. Have you ever wanted a smiling face to greet you at the end of a long day (or, let’s be honest, after a harrowing 2 minute journey to the car)? Then I’m the gal for you!