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Beagle Freedom Project rescues animals that have special needs. For this reason, we maintain a thorough process when considering applicants to foster and adopt. Animals with special needs come with incredible gifts, and as their foster or adopter, you are not only helping them, you are saving them.

BFP animals have traumatic pasts, and as a foster or adopter, a lot of patience and understanding will be required. They often have severe fear issues and no previous training – and that’s just the beginning.

In our experience, these animals do best when they are placed in a home with other animals of their species to learn from. Therefore, it is most often the case that you will need to have another animal in the home in order to foster or adopt. However, there are exceptions to this rule, so don’t hesitate to apply!

To be considered as a foster or adopter, please fill out the appropriate application with as much detail as possible. A member of our team will receive your application to review, and will reach out to let you know if there are any adoptable animals in your area.

Please note, in addition to completing the application, additional steps are involved in the process. A phone interview, a home-check and an adoption fee based on animal type will be required. BFP will also be checking references.

The Process

• Fill out a foster or adoption application.

• The Foster and Adoption Department will review the application.

• If/when there is a rescue in your area that seems like a good match for your home environment, as described in your application, BFP will contact you for a phone interview.

• BFP will perform a reference check.

• BFP will do a home check – this will either be done in person or virtually, depending on location.

• If the home check is satisfactory, a meet and greet will be setup between the animal and the potential new family. (Meet and greets are for adoptions only. There will not be a meet and greet for potential fosters, as fosters are often asked to home an animal directly from the rescue site, with little to no knowledge about the animal).

• BFP will finalize the foster or adoption process, including paperwork and light training on welcome and care for your new animal.


• You must be cruelty-free, meaning you do not use products tested on animals (pharmaceutical excluded). If you are not yet cruelty-free, you are willing to learn about and become cruelty-free.

• Your new animal is an ambassador, so you must be willing to participate in ways to educate the public about where your animal came from and how to help BFP causes.

• In most cases, when you are fostering or adopting a dog, you must have at least one other dog (subject to personality assessment).


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