Urge the Government of Spain in Madrid and Barcelona to release the Beagles at Vivotecnia to Beagle Freedom Project and prosecute the animal abusers!

There are 38 beagles inside now we have been trying to release!

The animal testing laboratory Vicotecnia in Madrid, Spain is about to test on and then kill 38 beagles in a very painful manner without regard for their feelings, any laws and any public outcry.

Several animal welfare organizations have reached out to them, asking that they release the beagles to them, specificallyl the United States charity, Beagle Freedom Project, which has stated it has homes for all of these dogs, however there has been no response.

Sadly, these abhorrent tests come on the heels of an undercover investigation that spanned from 2019-2020 at Vivotecnia documenting sickeningly cruel behavior inflicted upon the animals that not only violates the EU Directive 2010/63/EU, but violates all animal welfare laws at the very least and any sense of morality.

WARNING: The footage is disturbing and very graphic.

When the footage was released, despite the violations of law and public outrage, Vicotecnia was never closed and was allowed to continue operations.

The Penal Code (2015) provides that the mistreatment of any animals with the exception of non-captive wild animals, is punishable by up to two years imprisonment.

This letter implores the EU and local authorities to take action, release the animals inside Vivotecnia, prosecute the animal abusers inside Vivotecnia and close it down.

Read our letter (English | Spanish) and take action below by contacting The Mayor, Mayor’s political Representative, and Vice Mayor of Madrid. Send polite emails, messages and calls to these governing officials.

Also contact The Madrid Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food which allowed Vicotecnia to stay open after undercover footage showed extreme abuse.


Political Representative
Department: Concejal Delegado del Àrea de Internacionalización y Cooperación
Name: Sr. Santiago Saura Martínez de Toda
Address: Montalbán, 1 4ª planta 28014 MADRID
Phone: +34 91 5888306
Email: dgcocg@madrid.es


The Madrid Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food
Email: informac@mapa.es
Social Media:


EU Animal Welfare Department
Email: ENV-LABORATORY-ANIMALS@ec.europa.eu

Mayor of Madrid, Spain
Name: Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida Navasques
Address: Palacio de Cibeles – Alcalá, 50 28014 MADRID
Phone: +34 91 5881362
Fax: +34 91 5881578