LA is the city of angels and there could not be four more precious ones than our latest laboratory rescues. Poppy, Molly, Libra, and Jackson who all just found their freedom in LA!

These sweet beagles have spent about two years old or so in a laboratory being tested on, and are finally starting a real life…. and what a way to start it! Greeted by celebrity supporters and the BFP Kids – the beagles got lots of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and treats (of course!).

Their late afternoon arrival into the background of a Los Angeles all-star supporter was the perfect backdrop for the proverbial “red-carpet” entrance. Carried from their crates one at a time by people, beautiful both inside and out, the beagles were given the VIP treatment.

The rescue event was packed full of emotion and celebration. Many tears were shed both in joy for their freedom and in heartbreak from witnessing their sensitive little psyches. A couple of the girls, namely Molly and Poppy, wore a weary look on their faces. Their big eyes took in everything around them unsure what to make of it. While we cannot know what physical violence they suffered through in the lab beyond the psychological fear and deprivation – what we do know (and promise) is that they will get better! Every BFP rescued dog gets showered with patience and love until they can learn to trust and feel safe again.

Along with these four sweet beagles, BFP also was able to rescue 5 guinea pigs! Guinea pigs are the most famous of laboratory victims and almost never are allowed to live after the testing ends. The inquisitive beagles poked their noses through the fencing to sweetly greet their fellow friends in freedom. The beagles and guineas were helped along in their rescue by none other than BFP’s faithful board member Dave Rutan!

The LA rescue event had a festive quality to it. Our friends at Bruce Heart presented a generous donation of $2,000.00 to help with the rescue and veterinary costs. The funds were raised from specially designed t-shirts they sold to raise funds and awareness for BFP. We heart Bruce Heart!

Also joining the celebration were two of our rescue sponsors, Keltie Knight and Libra Max. They each generously sponsored a beagle – and paid for their care. This sort of support makes BFP possible and we are forever grateful for their compassion. Additionally, our famous friends Victoria Summer and Camryn Grimes spent a lot of time on the ground cuddling and comforting our shy little survivors.

What a way to re-start a life! They are lucky enough simply to survive being a testing victim, but to be sponsored, supported, and cheered for by such famous and fierce friends – these are some truly lucky dogs. They will want for nothing the rest of their lives… as it should be.