Beagle Freedom Project successfully rescued 7 beagles from a laboratory near Washington DC. All the dogs have spent their entire 4 year-old lives inside and are just now taking their first breaths of fresh air and starting their new lives!

The six boys and one girl are all incredibly affectionate and so eager to explore the world. This rescue is proudly being called our Baines-Rutan Rescue, as two of our BFP Board members covered most of the upfront costs to make this liberation day possible!

Often beagles straight out of the lab can be incredibly fearful or rambunctious, this group was instantly warm with both people and each other. While little is known about what they were used for the in the lab or if there are any long term health issues, they appear healthy now and will get top-notch veterinary care to make sure they get the best lives going forward.

All seven are going into foster care for the time being until more about their personalities can be learned (so we can match them up with the best homes). This rescue was made possible, as always, by a few unsung heroes we have to thank: Larry, Jolene, Ryan, Mike, Lori, Chastity, Anthony (and his team), and Alia!

This rescue was expensive, but every one of these rescue beagles are worth the price. If can help us with these expenses and support future rescues of this sort, please do! Beagle Freedom Project is a non-profit organization (your contribution is tax deductible) and almost entirely funded on individual donor support.