Beagle Freedom Project UK (BFP UK), a leading global organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research, has successfully freed seven beagles from a testing facility in Europe, marking a significant step towards their mission to end animal testing.

There are seven beagles all together, named after British rock stars: Jonesy, Davey, Ringo, Elton, Freddie, Olivia and Birdie.

The beagles were taken from Spain to England, experiencing their first taste of freedom in 12 years at the Retreat Animal Rescue Sanctuary near Ashford in Kent before being placed into foster homes. Many of the animals were born in the testing facility, have sadly been subjected to a life of confinement and experimentation. The rescue operation has been an intensive labour of love, showcasing BFP UK’s commitment to the well-being of these animals.

Sadly, beagles are chosen specifically for animal testing due to their docile natures, and testing happens in the UK at scale. Beagles are held at or born in research facilities, including in the UK, and raised in cages and in unhygienic and stressful conditions, usually never seeing daylight. They are often tested for pharmaceutical or biochemical reasons.

The rescue mission was a culmination of careful negotiation with laboratory administrators. Each dog was evaluated and provided with necessary medical attention before embarking on their journey to freedom.

Their release symbolises a step forward in the ongoing mission to advocate for the end of animal testing with an urgent switch to scientifically valid and far superior non-animal methods.

Shannon Keith, Director of BFP UK and US, states:

“The foster role is to prepare these dogs for freedom. We call them newborns in adult bodies, as they have never been given a treat or a toy, or know what a soft touch or a loving caress is like. Most are scared of noises they have never heard and need extra care, suffering from PTSD. We require them to go to a home with another dog so they can learn to be a dog.



When we finally see their breakthroughs, such as making eye contact, we know they are finally feeling safe, and that is the best feeling of all.”

Beagle Freedom Project UK’s rescue efforts extend beyond the physical liberation of animals and foster care; they also encompass education, advocacy and legislation to put an end to the use of animals in experimental research. Since its inception in the USA in 2010, BFP has made significant strides in rescuing thousands of animals and raising awareness about the ethical implications of such practices.

The recent rescue highlights the urgency of BFP UK’s ongoing work, with individuals able to get involved in various ways. By supporting legislation, signing petitions and spreading awareness, everyone can contribute to creating a world where animals are not subjected to unnecessary suffering in the name of research.

“We will continue to advocate for the day animals are no longer used as experimental test subjects. This rescue of these seven beautiful souls will hopefully be the beginning of many in Europe, setting an example that these dogs are creatures deserving a life,” continued Shannon Keith.

All the dogs will have thorough vet checks and all treatment is paid for by BFP during the foster period. For more information, or to volunteer and/or donate, please visit Join the movement, stand against animal cruelty and help bring about a future where animals can thrive without fear.

Original Article: Discover Animals
Image credit: John Nguyen/PA Wire