Spring is in the air!

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the Beagle Freedom Project is in puppy heaven!

In January 2018 seven of the fifteen beagles rescued from a Beijing laboratory flew to the US for veterinary care, forever families, and freedom. The other seven beagles remained and were adopted by amazing families in China. One senior beagle, scheduled to come to America had to have her trip postponed; she was pregnant.

Although Maria is a very sensitive senior who is also blind, she gave birth to eight puppies recently. Our local rescue partner has found homes for a handful of her babies, and the remaining four will join Maria and come to California to find a new life and finally get the forever homes they deserve.

While Maria, who is ten and has spent her whole life in a laboratory cage, is understandably nervous in new situations, her brood of baby beagles are pure silliness!

They play, they tumble, they climb, they pile onto each other, and then they sleep, they snore, and they squeak all day long bringing absolute delight. These lucky little nuggets escaped experiments and the trauma Momma had to endure. They are adorable representations of everything that spring should be about: new life, innocence, and beauty!

Join the Beagle Freedom Project in celebrating spring by welcoming to America our newest (and cutest) little laboratory survivors!

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