Emma and Riley are the true San Francisco treats (not Rice-a-Roni). Both are about three years old and were sprung free just in time to celebrate Independence Day.

They are exploring their new lives in true beagle fashion, full of enthusiasm, goofiness, and boundless appetites.

Meet Emma: She is a baby doll. She loves to be cradled on her back in your arms having her tummy scratched while she looks lovingly into your eyes. She is so playful too. Chasing balls, chewing toys, and romping with her new foster canine siblings. She is learning about love and life in what we can only describe as ‘Beagle Paradise’ – six fenced acres in Northern California, plenty of playmates, and a foster mom who is generous with the peanut butter treats!

Although Emma is a love-bug now, she didn’t always have it easy and wears the proof of this on her poor ears. They are freshly shaven, torn in places, and missing notches. Whatever she endured she is not letting it hold her back now.

And then there is Riley… and he is determined to live the life of his namesake. He is a bit of a monkey jumping from chairs to tables to his family’s laps. He does not seem to be afraid of much. He is learning the ropes on how to be a dog from his new Border-Collie brother and already doing leashed walks within 24 hours of his release!

Riley is not only surviving and thriving – he is inspiring. His presence in his new home sent the family’s incredible daughter to go throughout the house and mark with a big X every product that was tested on animals – so they knew to avoid those in the future. Way to go Riley!

Whether in groups of 2 or 200 Beagle Freedom Project exists to save these “research” animals and to tell their stories. These little dogs can do more with a wag of their tales to convince people to go cruelty-free than people can with their best words.