Name: Mildred
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Gender: Female
Age: Senior (12 yrs old)
Location: Los Angeles, CA

When we spotted Mildred at a high-kill shelter, we knew we had to scoop up this little golden girl, and are we glad we did!

Mildred (nicknamed Millie) is nothing but sweet love. She will give you soft kisses (at first meeting!) and Millie loves to tuck herself in next to you for a good nap. Though she is partially blind with cataracts, Millie takes to new environments very well. She’s actually a little independent! She loves to go on short, gentle walks but also will happily mosey around a backyard.

Millie is quite deaf, but that doesn’t stop her either. She is a brave little thing and will let out a little bark every once in a while.

Millie loves having a bed to call her own, loves to be pet and cuddled and will follow you pretty much every where you go if you let her! She also loves peanut butter.


Mildred is a part of our Save our Seniors Program! For more information go to: SOS