Meet the 7 new freed members of the BFP family! This group of beagles were all rescued from a Jersey area laboratory and are just beginning their new lives of freedom, comfort, and peace.

Brownie, Buddy, Red, Cherise, Conway, Ruby, and Herman all range in ages from one year of age to five. They bring their own unique personalities and are all adjusting to this great big new world at their own pace. The rescued dogs finally got to meet each other and have some good ‘ol fashioned beagle playtime. A BFP supporter with an agility training course generously opened up her indoor (i.e. warm) space for the dogs to explore and romp about.

Each beagle has gone home with a different foster / adopter and the early reports back are that these five boys and two girls are thriving! More pictures and individual updates are to come as we learn about these little characters so that we can tell their stories to the public at large.

Cherise, according to her family, is an “absolute mush pot.” She soaks up the affection she likely has so desperately wanted her whole life. She sleeps curled up with her beagle brother Max and her people in the family bed.

Brownie experienced a little anxiety on the first night – as the wide open space and unknown noises unsettled him. Midway through his second day however he was able to explore, assess that he was safe, and then fall fast asleep in a pool of sunlight (see image below). He is being coached by his beagle brother, another lab rescue from a few years back, and showing great emotional progress already.

Buddy is finding solace in routine already. He knows when it is dinner time, when his walks should be, and that his people love him to pieces. He sleeps curled up right next to his foster Mom at night. He is slowly learning how to conquer the stairs and his mirror reflection no longer confuses him. His vet and groomer both endorsed that he is ready for dog-park fun time.

Red has been so aptly named because of his red furry head and his personality is like that of “Red from Fraggle Rock” according his foster Mom. He is the silly one of the group. Already running with toys, zipping through mounds of snow, fearlessly following his family around the house, and getting his cuddles whenever he can. He has not shown much interest in how to play with other dogs yet, but the other dog in the house will surely teach him the fun of playtime.

Conway and Ruby are being fostered together. They are living with two other dogs and being spoiled with affection. Ruby is reported to have “springs in her feet” as she loves to bounce and jump! Conway upon first meeting his foster Dad immediately wanted to be carried and snuggle in for some long overdue affection.

Herman is the stoic one of the group. A little older, a little wiser, and definitely not as ready to trust rapid movements around him. He is with a family that is letting him take his time to adjust to freedom. He loves sitting with his Foster mom in the picture window as the sunshine warms his body. He sleeps so soundly during these precious moments. His new beagle brother is sharing his toys, favorite napping spots, and his enthusiasm for cookies with Herman – and we are confident this little gentleman will thrive.

This is our first rescue in the NJ area and we are hopeful it will not be the last. NJ has a high concentration of research laboratories and there exists many opportunities to create new families with dogs that so desperately deserve a second chance at life.