Contact: Robert Cogswell, Director, BFP UK – 07522 168023

London (18, Jan. 2023) – Animal protection group Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), known internationally for rescuing animals from research labs, has officially opened its UK office.

Beagle Freedom Project has opened in the UK to bring about the change needed to release animals suffering from laboratories, educate the public and work towards change to ultimately end the archaic practice of animal testing and replace it with new cutting-edge technology…

According to the latest Government statistics 3.06 million scientific procedures were conducted on animals in Great Britain in 2021.

One such facility breeding and selling animals for testing is MBR Acres a US owned company located in Cambridgeshire and where 2,000 beagle puppies are bred every year for sale to labs like Sequani in Herefordshire, LabCorp in Huntingdon and Harrogate and Charles River in Ireland and Scotland.

The singer and songwriter Will Young who chained himself to the gates of MBR Acres to protest at the Cambridgeshire-based company breeding beagles to be used in cruel experiments strongly backs the work of BFP UK. “I fully support and admire the work of Beagle Freedom Project UK [BFP UK] and their brilliant animal rescues. Animal testing is wrong from both a scientific and an ethical perspective, and I applaud BFP’s work to help those animals trapped in such a cruel industry,” said Will Young.

UK Director of Operations Robert Cogswell stated: “We are here to make a real difference to animals currently incarcerated inside laboratories in this country. We have approached labs and breeders and asked them to hand over the animals they no longer have a use for. Our mission is three-fold: firstly, to rescue and rehome the animals from inside the labs; secondly, to educate people that there are better, non-animal methods to predict human illness and thirdly, ultimately, a ban on animal testing.”

In August of 2022, Harry and Meghan adopted a Beagle from Beagle Freedom Project in the United States. Just three weeks ago, the FDA Modernization Act passed and was signed by President Biden in the United States removing the mandate that animals must be tested on to release drugs on to the market. Beagle Freedom Project is making incredible changes and ready to take the UK by storm.

Beagle Freedom Project is the world’s leading organization for rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research. Since 2010, thousands of animals have been rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed.

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