Oh, the suspense! Last week you met Bagel from the Grace and Pups rescue and this week we are thrilled to introduce the mother that gave birth to these pups rescued in June 2012. Live from Los Angeles, meet Grace!

BFP: Welcome, little mama! Tell everyone how your family found you.
Grace: One day my human mom saw a sweet beagle in the neighborhood and asked the other human about it. She learned all about Beagle Freedom Project and gave them a call. As they say. . .the rest is history!

BFP: How did you get your name?
Grace: My original name was “Mama” because when BFP rescued me, I came with my five puppies. Sadly, one of my little pups died shortly after being released from the lab. But the others are grown up now and healthy and happy. When I went to live with my humans, they thought it was all due to grace bestowed upon them by the Universe, so they named me Grace.

BFP: What kind of life did you have before your family?
Grace: My life in the lab was very sad, and I was a wreck when I was rescued.

BFP: We are so happy you are now living your life outside the lab. How would you describe your perfect day?
Grace: The perfect day is waking up and having breakfast, then a nap, then a walk, then a nap, then playtime, then a nap, then dinner, then a nap, then bedtime! Notice a pattern here?!

BFP: Do you have any nicknames?
Grace: My nicknames are “little yum yum” and “sweetie girl.”

BFP: So little yum yum, what do you call yourself?
Grace: I call myself the most adorable dog in the neighborhood because that’s what I’m told all the time.
BFP: We agree, Grace!

BFP: If you had a job, what would it be?
Grace: If I had a job, it would be to keep an eye out for treats and toys. Like a treat and toy private investigator.

BFP: What is your name for your family?
Grace: I call my human mom “mommy.”

BFP: What do you do when we are not at home?
Grace: Sleep. Nap. Sleep. The only place I’ve ever been outside my neighborhood is the doggie daycare place, and I liked it a lot!

BFP: What do you and the other animal in the home talk about?
Grace: Other animals in the house? Never!!

BFP: Do you have a favorite memory?
Grace: My favorite memory was the first time I encountered a butterfly. It was magical!

BFP: Any other favorites things?
Grace: I really love my Puff the Magic Dragon toy.

BFP: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Grace: My biggest pet peeve is when I get all settled in, and my mom decides to leave the house. So, I bark and yell at her. She leaves anyway but always comes back!

BFP: Who is your best friend?
Grace: Definitely my mom!

BFP: What is one word to describe you?
Grace: Content

BFP: What is something you do that makes your family laugh?
Grace: My family cracks up when I fall asleep on my back, with all four paws in the air.