“We take our role as Finley’s advocate very seriously and do our best to share her story, our knowledge of vivisection, BFP, the Cruelty-Cutter app and living cruelty-free to everyone we can.”

The Hildebrandt family is proud to present Miss Finley Faith, also known as Finney, Finnaroo, and Faenerys (cue Game of Thrones fans). 
The lives of Dave, Jessica, Addison (13), Hadley (12) and Delaney (9) Hildebrandt have changed dramatically since learning about the Beagle Freedom Project (now Beagle Freedom Project). Mom, Jessica, was first to come across the organization’s Facebook page three years ago.  Overcome with emotion as she watched these beautiful souls touch grass for the first time, she vowed to herself that she, too, would adopt a freagle one day. But she knew the organization was based in California and lining up celebrity owners like Miley Cyrus, so she figured a family from Texas would never be chosen. Last summer, Jessica again stumbled upon a post on her Facebook feed of a Texas rescue and made the life-changing decision to call the BFP office in California.  Little did she know that our little charity has delighted families all over the country with beagle rescues.   Much to her surprise, she was invited to meet a rescue that was just 10 minutes from her home. She and her family were overcome with tears as the pups emerged from the cages. It was at this moment they caught a mad case of the freagle bug.  About a week later, they got the call about Finley, and the rest is history!
Surprisingly well-adjusted at the time of her adoption (big kudos to her foster family!), Finley joined the Hildebrandt family in July 2017. Since they had followed other rescue stories for many years, the family watched, learned and prepared themselves for many adjustment scenarios.  But Miss Finley Faith decided she was going to create her own scenario.   
Appearing nervous when the family first arrived pick Finley up from her foster mom, she cowered under the seats of the van on the way home and even got a little car sick.   Settling into her new home, it didn’t take long for her to find a dog bed in the corner of the living room, where she stayed for the first few hours. In their own special language, Finley learned that Murray, the family’s one ½-year-old Jack Russell, was going to show her the way. The two bonded immediately and have been inseparable ever since. Murray has been the main contributor to Finley’s incredible adjustment to outside life. Finley also has a 12-year-old Airedale Terrier brother named Sheldon and until recently, a 15-year-old Westie sister Bianca. 
Now living quite the life, Finley has even discovered Frosted Mini-Wheats.  To calm Finley when new visitors come to the house, the family allows guests to give Finley one mini wheat. Finley also loves ice cubes! Her family says one peep from the ice maker, and she is dancing at their feet. Despite her love of mini wheats and ice cubes, her FAVORITE toys are her blue ball, her stuffed (ahem. . . unstuffed now) octopus and her bone. She particularly loves any toy with stuffing and a squeaker and loves opening her monthly Bark Box delivery.
Although beagles are not typically known for their ability to fetch, Finley loves to play fetch with a ball, and she is amazingly good at it.  She swims, plays in the shower and loves both the rain and snow! 
Described as happy-go-lucky and loveable, Finley adores her three human sisters, tucking each one of them in every night before crawling under the covers with her mom, dad, and BFF Murray. She is always ready to play—break for kisses–and return to play!
Finely can be seen out and about in the streets of Austin, Texas wearing her collar and bandana, helping others learn her story.  After all, these freagles really are the best advocates.