FDA Modernization Act

The FDA Modernization Act would END the FDA’s animal testing requirement! Help this critical bill that BFP co-sponsored get passed!

About the FDA Modernization Act

The FDA has outdated rules that require testing on animals even when animals don’t get the disease that humans are trying to cure. In fact, as many as 95 percent of drugs that make it through animal tests fail when they go to clinical trials. We can’t afford to stick with this outdated, dangerous, slow, and expensive drug development model.

The FDA Modernization Act of 2021 (H.R. 2565 and S. 2952) would eliminate that requirement and enable scientists to use the best scientific methods available. If this bill passes, it would:

🐾 Save millions of animals
✂ Cut red tape
⏰ Decrease drug development time
💵 Reduce drug prices
🧬 Find new cures for diseases, saving human lives

Help us END the needless animal suffering caused by the FDA’s outdated requirements. Sign our petition to move us one step closer to a world without animal testing!


FDA Modernization Act