Oh me, oh my! For the first time, we have ourselves some cats featured in our weekly Where Are They Now series. And you are in for a (hilarious) treat with these three rascals. . .from Austin, Texas, meet the Fab 3
Xena, Pixel and Enzo!

BFP: Tell us about the rescue you were part of?
Xena: I will do most of the talking for us. Enzo is pretty shy … and Pixel, well, Pixel … 
Pixel: Not a cat
Xena: As I said … Pixel … so, I will be doing most of the talking. Our rescue was very personable but it is also something that mom and dad call “undisclosed” so let’s just leave it as the first day of the rest of our lives.

BFP:  How did your family find you?
Xena: There is this great place that mom and dad refer to as the “Beagle Freedom Project (Beagle Freedom Project)” … hmmm, just realized … Beagle … maybe that is why Pixel says “Not a Cat”
Pixel: Not a cat
BFP:  How old are you?
Xena: A lady never answers how old she is but I am guessing Enzo and I are about two years old and Pixel is about six months younger than us.
BFP: How did each of you get your name?
Enzo (excitedly): Daddy will never admit it but HE named me after a character in The Vampire Diaries … sshhhh!
Xena: Daddy wanted to name Pixel “Camo” but some girl named Cate said No, it sounds like a boy’s name! … I don’t see the problem as everyone think’s Pixel is a boy anyway. So, he came up with Pixel instead, just look at her and you will know why. And me … well, I AM a Warrior Princess … duh.
BFP:  How long were you in the lab? And tell us about your adjustment after spending time in a research lab?
Xena: We were all there less than a year. Even though it seems a short time, to us it was a lifetime. Pixel is one of the very, very lucky ones. It is rare a research lab releases any cats, let alone kittens and she was only about three months when she was rescued. She has adjusted with basically no issues … except …
Pixel: Not a cat
Xena: It has been a lot harder for Enzo and me. Mom and dad barely even knew we existed the first six months after our freedom because we liked to hide. One day mom and dad hosted a rescue at their house over the summer and there were all these new people. I realized people are not so bad and have really learned to trust. Enzo still doesn’t like to meet strangers but he knows mom and dad love him and he is very comfortable in his home.
BFP: Tell us about your family?
Xena: We have the best parents. They have been so patient and kind even though in the beginning we weren’t sure about humans. I get along with everyone but Enzo is my best friend.
Enzo (again, excitedly): Xena is my best friend too! I couldn’t make it in this world without her. But I do love my feline brother and other sisters. Mickey and I love to wrestle. We are about the same size but I usually win! Mallory … she is my idol and I like to do whatever she does … she is mom’s best friend so if I do what she does, I am mom’s best friend too! She gets her own spot to eat in our kitty room so now I get my own spot to eat too. We are special!
Pixel: My fellow canine pack consists of “the old lady” Bailey, she doesn’t like any cats, good thing I am Not a cat; Elvis, he tolerates me but secretly I think he loves me; Omid, he raised me, he is my Papa, I love him so much; and Alaska, she is my soul sister and best friend, you can always find us snuggling.
BFP:  Where do you live?
Enzo/Xena/Pixel in unison: TEXAS, Y’all
BFP:  What is your best trick?
Xena: Enzo has a pretty great Sumo wrestler move when playing with the other cats. Pixel is stealthy. Whenever our parents are trying to let the dogs outside, all of a sudden there she is out of nowhere, because of course, she’s “Not a cat” and wants to go play with the dogs outside. 
BFP:  What is your worst habit?
Pixel: I don’t think it is a big deal but mom and dad say they need to buy all new blinds because apparently, the little toy on the end of the cord is not a toy … fooled me!
Enzo: I also don’t think mine is a big deal, I see mom and dad love this white fluffy paper stuff on a roll so I show them how I have mastered making it a huge pile on the floor with one swoop of my paw!
Xena: I am much more normal, I like to claw furniture. I know they like to buy me these big “cat” towers but what is the point when there are these large comfy chairs.
BFP: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Xena: Enzo and I still don’t like to be held. We are trying really hard to learn that it doesn’t mean we will be taken to the bad place. We know we are loved but we still can’t get all the images out of our head.
Pixel: Everyone thinks I am a boy … even my parents. And when others refer to me as a cat … Not a cat

BFP: Any favorite things?
Pixel: My favorite toy is this stuffed Beagle, looks just like me and about my size! I also love when mom throws the cat treats to us doggies and we all run and eat them up, it is a fun race to see who can get it first. I also love when mom fills up the cat water bowl, I will run to the sink and try to knock it out of her hand. 
Enzo: I like to visit my parents late at night if they get up for some reason. The house is quiet. I like it quiet.
Xena: I hate to admit it but I am a sucker for the “red dot”, see answer below … 
BFP: What is something you do that makes your family laugh?
Xena: Both Pixel and Enzo do this crazy crab walk when chasing the little red dot. For some reason, we still haven’t caught that darn dot. Also, I guess for me, for some reason my parents think it’s funny that I like to have the roof of my mouth tickled. I don’t get what’s so funny.

BFP:   One word to describe you
Xena: Warrior
Enzo: Apprehensive
Pixel: Dog
BFP: Anything else you’d like us to know?
Pixel: Not a cat