Dumped in a cold, dark place where people throw out their garbage – paralyzed Dixie Rose found herself trying to maneuver around tires, couches, and old boards before she was able to crawl up into the road to be seen.

Brave rescuers swooped in to save Dixie Rose and contacted us because they needed the help of an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating laboratory testing survivors. Dixie Rose bares the horrific ear tattoo marking of research laboratories that use dogs as test subjects, the scarring of an abused and trashed dog, who experimenters so callously used for years then threw away, literally, like trash. 

Dixie will be on her way shortly to specialized orthopedic and internal medicine veterinarians to see if there is a chance Dixie will be able to walk again, and to make sure there are no other internal issues that cannot be seen.

Dixie Rose is not disposable! She is not garbage! She is a bright shining soul that deserves love and freedom.

This is the side of testing people don’t see…. and we are making sure we find the abusers who did this, and if and when we do, we will make sure the world knows.

In the meantime, help us help Dixie! Her medical bills will be expensive, but this little 15 pound fighter is worth every penny!