Name: Cha Cha
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years old
Location: Henderson, NV

I am adopted. Woohoo!!

Adopter Update:
She likes cuddling on the couch, she likes walking (or lying) in the grass in her yard, and she loves going for rides in the car to the park, to visit family, and to shop at the pet food store. If there’s any hint that someone is going to get her leash and take her out, her little feet start running in place, tap-tap-tapping her toenails on the kitchen floor, revved up and ready to go! She keeps us smiling every day. We may have mentioned earlier that she is the boss of her younger — but larger — sister, Lucy. They seem to both be mostly happy with that arrangement. There was one bump in the road: we found a lump on ChaCha’s chest. Our vet scheduled surgery right away and the lab results came back good! It was a benign adenoma. We will keep a close eye on her for any similar growths in the future. ChaCha barely noticed that she had surgery! She healed quickly and has carried on as if it never happened.

Background Story:
Cha Cha is part of a recent group that was just rescued from a testing facility in Mexico. She is currently being fostered in Henderson, NV. Cha Cha has shown us that she is a sweet and gentle girl. She loves to cuddle and eat lots of treats. She does well with other dogs and people! We hope someone will open their home and hearts to this girl, especially after what she has been through. She deserves to live a life outside of cruelty and fear!