We are taking a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma this week to meet a five-year-old from the Las Vegas Lucky 9 rescue. Helping us ring in 2018, meet Cayman and read on to learn the unique way he got his name.

BFP: Happy New Year, Cayman. Thanks for helping us kick off 2018 the weekly Where Are They Now series. Tell everyone how your family found you.
Cayman: My family found Beagle Freedom through various beagle Facebook groups and heard about these special rescues. They signed up to foster or rescue a year or two earlier, and by the time they thought they were never going to get called, they were called out of the blue. First, they were called about a potential rescue and up to the last minute were waiting to travel and then found out the rescue fell through. They were sad because they thought the lab decided to kill us all. Then the next weekend they were told the rescue was on again. They were overjoyed and super excited. They were told to pick me up on a Sunday morning in 2014, and it was the day after my 2nd birthday.

BFP: How did you get your name?
Cayman: My parents have a tradition to name all their pets after some candy. Past pets were Jolly Rancher, Peppermint, Snickers, and Hershey. When they got me they thought they would only foster and started a new tradition for fosters to name them after destinations, so they named me Cayman.

BFP: Tell us about your adjustment after spending two years in a research lab?
Cayman: It took forever to adjust, I was scared of everything. On the way home I huddled in the back corner of my crate as far away from the open door as I could. When I got home and went inside, I was scared and didn’t know where I was or what was going on. The first thing I did was run to the corner and try to climb a wall to get out. I ran around the kitchen in circles until I got tired and finally laid down on a blanket. My family left me alone the first few days because I would run away when they tried to approach. I didn’t know if they were good people or bad people. For the first couple months, any loud noises, flashlights, ice dispensers, ceiling fans, and anything that moved fast would scare me. I was given my own safe space where I could hide when I got scared. I would sleep really heavy, but when someone woke me up I would jump so suddenly it would even make my human jump. I avoided people for about six months until my Mom finally decided to put her foot down and corral me into a corner and pet me until I became calm. Within a week, I figured out that they were not going to hurt me.

BFP: Tell us about your family.
Cayman: I have a mom and dad who love me to pieces. Then my brother Snickers who is also a beagle and only one year older than me. Then my other brother Hershey who just passed away in early November when he was 15 years old. Hershey was too old to play with much, but I still miss him. My beagle buddy Snickers and I played tag a lot and bonded right away. He taught me that I’m supposed to get excited when people come home and when I get food. He also taught me I am supposed to go potty outside.

BFP: What is your best trick?
Cayman: When it’s time to eat, I will hop up and down on my back legs like a kangaroo and follow my mom all the way to the food like that. Also, I learned how to open the door with lever handles.

BFP: Who is your best friend?
Cayman: Mom and Snickers

BFP: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Cayman: I love being outside and I love sniffing grass, but I just don’t understand why we have to go out there when it’s wet and rainy.

BFP: Any Favorites?
Cayman: I love treats, sniffing every blade of grass, and sun bathing.

BFP: What about nicknames?
Cayman: My mom likes to call me Baby Bug. I don’t get it; I’m not a bug!

BFP: One word to describe you.
Cayman: Cute – my fam says I’m cute all the time.

BFP: Something you do that makes your family laugh –
Cayman: I rub myself all over sniffer dusters and dryer sheets that smell good. My mom loves it. Then also when I beg I sit up and wave my two paws.

Stay warm friends!