According to a report over 1 000 beagles have been imported to the UK over the past two years, despite a breeding facility in the UK that breeds 2 000 beagles annually for experiments.

The beagles’ fate remains uncertain. This discovery highlights the ongoing issue of animal testing and breeding for scientific purposes.

Robert Cogswell, of the Beagle Freedom Project UK told the “Express” UK: “Not only are beagles forced to endure painful experiments inside UK labs, their misery begins at the point of birth.

“They are born into what can only be described as industrial-size puppy farms where they are merely objects for profit and no consideration is given to their welfare and bred in conditions that would be considered illegal if the dogs were being bred as domestic pets.”

They are flying beagle dogs all the way to Copenhagen airport and then onto another plane to get to the UK.

Cogswell is baffled about why they’re doing this when there’s already a place in the UK where they could breed the dogs for scientific experiments.

It’s not fair that dogs – a man’s best friend – have to go through a long and stressful journey when they could be transported directly to the UK if their well-being is a priority for pets too.

This breed, with cats and rabbits, sadly continues to be used for scientific experimentation in the UK and the US.

Original Article: IOL