Dear Friends of BFP,

I cannot believe it was 10 years ago today that we rescued our first beagles from a laboratory where they were tested, experimented on and hidden from the world.

Their rescue was overwhelming and bittersweet. While I was elated to rescue them, I couldn’t help but mourn all of the others who never got to see the outdoors, touch the earth,
feel the sunshine on their face, and have a loving home.

That rescue sparked Beagle Freedom Project and to date, the rescue of over 3,000 animals from laboratory testing across the globe.

I made it my mission to make sure every dog tested on had a chance to get out while we worked on ENDING the archaic practice of animal testing.

Beagle Freedom Project is more than a rescue. It is an advocacy organization dedicated to educating and ending animal abuse; specifically those subjected to horrific experiments.

As we raise a toast today to how we have grown and what we have become, let’s also light a candle for those we couldn’t save and those still suffering.

While I reminisce today and look towards the future, first and foremost on my mind is that we could have never done this without your support.

To our thousands of fosters, adopters, volunteers and donors throughout the world, I thank you. We wouldn’t be a decade strong without you.

Most importantly, you have made a difference in this world.

Happy birthday to my BFP – A decade strong!

In Freedom,

~ Shannon Keith, President & Founder

Shannon Keith - Beagle Freedom Project President & Founder