Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us here at Beagle Freedom Project. The work and dedication of our volunteers allow us to continue rescuing animals from horrific situations, give them a loving and caring home, and fight for changes in legislation.

While a lot of the opportunities are in the US, Beagle Freedom Project will soon hopefully have rescues in the UK and even Europe. Our fight to end the unnecessary and cruel use of animals in research and testing facilities knows no boundaries. Know that while we may not have an immediate need for volunteers in your area, your application allows us to find the right individuals for when the situation and opportunity arises. We will continue to keep in touch through other communications. For volunteers under 18, we are currently re-building our BFP Kids program that includes, advocacy, outreach, and education. Your involvement and suggestions will be vital to helping us launch and sustain this fantastic program. Please note, if you have already filled out an application, there is no need to fill out another one. If you have to update any of your information, please email us.

And, most importantly, we are always in need of Fosters. Please consider opening your home – even for a short time – to an animal who needs love, patience, and a warm place to stay while we find their perfect FURever family. Who knows it could be you!

Thank you, again, for your interest in helping to make the world a cruelty-free place for animals.

BFP Volunteers